Oleg Gazmanov told about his alcohol addiction


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Anatoly Somehow / Globallookpress.com

Russian singer Oleg Gazmanov said in an interview with Anastasia Ivlieva that he suffered from alcohol dependence. The transcript published on the YouTube channel blogers.

He remembered how in his youth in the evenings worked in the restaurant: “There’s quite disgusting, Smoking, you know, restoranide restoranide such. Not as it is now a restaurant and pub was. Especially the port city of Kaliningrad. We had a very drunk head, and we quietly drank. And I was there the soloist for the evening 30-40 songs sing — well hard just. And so brandy, brandy and the like is easier,” shared the actor.

According to him, in a state of alcoholic intoxication made him happier, but he managed to overcome this dependence. Gazmanov admitted that it was very difficult, as the school is constantly visited by large companies, which persuaded the singer to drink it. The artist has come up with various excuses, including the claimed antibiotics.

Gazmanov said that with the growth of his popularity he was able to enter a state of drive without alcohol. “In fact, it trains. My filter, that way it is impossible”, — he said.

In June, the singer Shura also gave an interview to Anastasia Ivlieva, which said that in 90-e years all people “devoured drugs”. He said that he had buried many friends suffering from alcohol and drug addiction.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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