People talked about the most unpleasant cases, “the friend zone”


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Users of social network Twitter, spoke about his most unpleasant cases, “the friend zone” — when their relationship has long remained friendly, though they hoped for a romantic.

Nick responded to the invitation A_Kapustin, who first shared an unpleasant history. “I came to ex, we remained friends on her initiative, and he helped her to choose which underwear to go out on a date. Helped and went back home,” he wrote.

The user RCalrussian told how several times walking with a girl and one day they stayed late, which she asked to sleep with him. “Slept in the same bed, she’s in underwear, I couldn’t sleep, was up all night, pulse 120. In the morning I told her that I like her, but she said she not looking for a relationship and that reading the Bible” — he wrote his story.

User zdoro_vyak remembered how once invited a girl to the movies and she came with a guy. Wearer vottakimya told, as written course work to the guy that she liked, and then found out that at this time he had sex with another girl.

But the acquaintance with the girl for i_love_savin over asking to borrow money. According to him, they are about a month walked, hugged, but nothing more. “Three days no contact, then called and asked to take her Pyatikhatki (500 rubles — approx. “Of the”), friendly,” — said the user.

Earlier in July, Twitter users talked about the first date, which left not very good impression. Many cited the example of cases when the partner gave them disgust.

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