Russia has proposed a way to save on creation of places in kindergartens


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Safron Golikov / “Kommersant”

“United Russia” has offered the government to divert the funds of the national project “Demography” for the overhaul and reconstruction of kindergartens. This is with reference to the press service of the party informs the Agency “Moscow”.

According to United Russia, it will help “to effectively carry out the President of Russia Vladimir Putin the task of the national project “Demography” by the establishment this year of 90 thousand additional places in preschool educational organizations.” It noted that the repair and reconstruction of buildings will be less costly than building new.

“There are vacant buildings, emergency housing, which can be reconstructed, there is a possibility to build an addition. But such use of Federal funds, the regulatory framework of the national project does not provide. Proposed to eliminate it. In addition, the overhaul cost per training place was 200 thousand rubles, and the construction of the new building – more than 1 million”, — quotes the press service quoted the Deputy of the state Duma Alena’s Arshinova.

Until 2024 in Russia it is planned to implement the national project “Demography”. The objectives of the project are to reduce mortality rate, ensuring more education of citizens approaching retirement age, and to increase the availability of preschool education. It is comprised of five Federal projects “Financial support for families with children”, “Promotion of women’s employment”, “Senior citizens”, “Strengthening public health”, “Sport — way of life.” The total budget for the next six years will amount to 3.1 trillion rubles.

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