Seven terrorists of ISIS condemned for attempting to crash “Sapsan”


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Kristina Kormilitsyna / “Kommersant”

Seven citizens of Tajikistan, followers of the banned in Russia international organization “Islamic state” (IG), sentenced to long terms of imprisonment for trying to crash high-speed train “Sapsan”. On Friday, July 12, from hall of the Moscow district military court (MOVS) the correspondent “”.

Abdulgafur Raupov sentenced to 21 years, Paragon of Nozimov to 20.5 years, Farkhod of Najmudinov — to 20 years, Sukhrobjon of Nozimov — 16 years, Aragon Raupov — 16 years, of Mukhamedi Baboeram — to 15,5 years of imprisonment in a strict regime colony. Jumahon of Baimanov, twice previously convicted for rape, theft and robbery, has received 21 year of a colony of special regime.

The court considered it proven that all the prisoners in the spring of 2017 has teamed up specially to carry out acts of terrorism in protest of Russia’s military operation in Syria. July 13, 2017 to Porcelain near St. Petersburg was fixed on the rail Shoe, hoping that ran over him, “Peregrine Falcon” will turn.

Immediately after the crash they were going to place an online petition demanding the withdrawal of troops from Syria, threatening otherwise with new attacks. Their calculation has not justified — the train rammed the barrier, but the rails did not come down. However, five cars were damaged, the amount of damage was, according to investigation, about 55 million rubles.

All seven terrorists were arrested in late July, operatives of the Federal security service (FSB) of Russia. Of the unsuccessful attack became known only in August 2017. One of the defendants admitted guilt in full, and another pleaded guilty to possession of a weapon, the other five defendants denied the charges. They were charged with committing a terrorist act, the preparation and storage of the weapon.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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