Spider-man will be replaced by “residence” in case of failure of the new film


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Marvel will lose the rights to making movies about spider-Man if the movie “spider-Man: Far from home” did not gather in theaters a billion dollars. These are the terms of the deal between the Studio and the film company Sony, which in case of failure of the ribbon will return the rights to the superhero, writes The Ankler.

It is noted that in this case, Sony will be able to remove the crossover with spider-Man and anti-hero Venom, who Tom hardy played in the film of 2018.

The loss of rights to Marvel is unlikely — since the premiere of the box office “spider-Man: Away from home” in the world amounted to more than $ 600 million. Tape took the sixth place among the most successful films of the summer, after a week of release, according to The Independent.

On 7 July it was reported that the Walt Disney Co. bought Marvel in 2009, did not allow the father of the deceased 4-year-old boy to place a monument on his grave the image of spider-Man.

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