The artist in a wheelchair stuck on the wall in front of the ramp to nowhere


www.vsyako.netPhoto: @vreditel_li

Samara artist Arseny “Pest do?” gave a performance to draw attention to the problems of people with disabilities. Pictures of this installation he has published in his Instagram account.

The photos show that the young man was stuck on the fourth floor of the building in a wheelchair. In front of him is a staircase with a ramp, but it leads nowhere. If it has to move, it can break.

“I’m — a collective image of a Russian citizen. 8.5% of the population consists of people of different disability groups. This 12.5 million people!” — explained the artist in the caption under the frame.

He cited the example of her neighbor, for which a ladder is “an insurmountable obstacle”. “But the ladder is only the first “step” in a series of urban obstacles. Incorrect slope of ramps, substandard materials, falling tiles, subways and many other dangers fraught with our environment,” — said Arseny. He said that in our country it is not customary to pay attention to such things, but citizens need to realize the scale of the problem.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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