The bride threw a wedding for 165 thousand dollars and became a victim of cyberbullying


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An American named Emily was subjected to harassment on the network after he said that forced loved ones to spend on her wedding 165 thousand dollars (10.4 million). Her story was published by the portal Refinery29, the reaction of network users drew attention to the tabloid Mirror.

According to Emily, she lost her job a month before the engagement, so most of the cost of the wedding fell on the shoulders of her parents. “It was always clear that my parents will pay, but I still often felt guilty for how much it costs,” said the prodigal bride.

Girls husband paid for her engagement ring, a trip to Canada in honor of the engagement, stag and all the necessary things (for example, tuxedo). His parents paid for rehearsal dinner for 75 guests and gave the bride and groom five thousand dollars (315 thousand roubles) for our honeymoon. For the rest from the bachelorette party before the fireworks at the event for 200 people — paid for by the bride’s parents.

“As I worked, I would have to give up many things at the moment, and they allowed me to just enjoy it and not worry about the cost,” shared Emily. She noted that she was very lucky.

Read her story netizens were amazed by the frivolous behavior of ladies. Many said that the spent on the wedding celebration the amount of money could buy a house. Some dubbed her behaviour “sinful”. “Madness, especially if you can’t afford it or you have no work,” protested one of the commentators.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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