The details of the attack of the FSB for Moscow Bank


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The owner 136,5 million rubles stolen by the FSB under the guise of operational search activities in the building of the Moscow Bank “metallurg”, is recognized as an unemployed resident of Moscow. On Friday, July 12, reports owned by Grigory Berezkin RBC with reference to sources in law enforcement bodies.

33-year-old man said that he had lent a large sum in rubles with friends. In may 2019, he wanted to exchange money for dollars and asked for help to do this at a favorable rate of a Boris allegedly associated with the management of the Bank “metallurg”. The institution itself, according to the Central Bank, 89 percent is controlled by the native of the GRU Yury Karasev.

Within a month the man several times changed at a Bank in the street Ivan Babushkina large sums of money. In June, he decided to exchange with Boris 136,5 million rubles, which hired an armored car with armed guards. The money had to be collected in the office on site TYAK “Moscow” in Lublin, where they were stored. The guards put the cash in two bags (for 52 million rubles each), loaded them in the car and went to the Bank.

Boris suggested the driver to drive up to the entrance behind the building. The car drove through the gate to the fenced area around the Bank. Acting on the instructions of the mediator, armed guards brought bags of cash at a specified door without a sign. Immediately after this, near the office there was about 10 people in uniforms without insignia. They showed the decree of the FSB of carrying out quickly-investigation actions, took the bag with money and fled in a taxi.

After the incident, the victim approached the police. MVD to reconstruct the crime, after reviewing records from CCTV cameras. By results of check criminal case was initiated under part 4 of article 162 (“Robbery in especially large size”). After establishing the identity of the raiders, the case materials were transferred to the FSB and the Military investigative Department of the investigative Committee in Moscow.

According to RBC, such incidents were previously recorded in the FSB, but then criminal proceedings had been instituted, the Agency only conducted a purge. This time the leadership of the Ministry sanctioned a demonstration arrest. Some of them were detained in the yard of the main building of FSB on Lubyanka. A possible organizer of the attack disappeared along with the main part of the money, the newspaper notes.

A military court in Moscow on July 5, arrested five employees of the FSB until August. Two at the same time sent under house arrest. Arrested in the case were the fighters of the special group “alpha” Vladimir Urusov and Roman Obolensky, and also employees of management “To” special services Dmitry Calvin, Alexander Karelin and Alexander Vlasov.

11 July it was reported that eight officers of the FSB, in the case of robbery in the Bank “metallurg”, and disappeared in the North Caucasus, after learning about the arrest of colleagues. The officers of special forces “alpha” were in business “and went into hiding” after the information about the arrests in the Department.

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