The girl dumped a guy because of a genetic disease and has found understanding in the network


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The lady Reddit under the pseudonym bbill53 told that intends to leave from the guy after learned of the presence of genetic diseases that can be transmitted to their children. Commentators have supported her.

According to the girl, they with the young man were together for two years, but the man had not told her about the health problems. Only recently he said that his father developed symptoms of Huntington’s disease, which is transmitted from parents to children.

Lover explained that he was silent about it just because the symptoms appeared only after the 50th anniversary of his father, and he didn’t know he was sick. The partner, she said, refused to take the test for the presence of the disease. He is motivated by the fact that he didn’t want to know in advance about a “death sentence”.

The girl expressed concern that their children will have 50% chance of inheriting Huntington’s disease. Love says that it is not ready for such a risk to adopt or do in vitro fertilization (IVF), to have them born healthy children. The girl stated the intention to end this relationship because she feels betrayed partner.

Many users were supportive of her decision. One of the users told that this disease is in his family. According to him, it is really dangerous, and the girl is definitely not worth it to stay with a partner who is “so careless about the transmission of genetic diseases.”

Earlier in June, a Reddit user reported that he did not want to tell his wife about the death a few months because of illness. He asked whether if he will tell her everything soon after the holidays.

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