The girl sold their dirty socks and gained fame


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Hannah Kane

A resident of London named Hannah Kane (Hannah Kane) sold through the social network Facebook their dirty socks. Its history is described on the portal MyLondon.

According to the Brits, the idea came to her mind in the evening of 10 July, after the end of the day and sports training. Deciding to earn a little money, she was photographed wearing her socks in different angles and published the pictures in the groups of different areas of London. Price of the lot amounted to five pounds (almost 400 rubles).

Kane admitted that the ad has caused a stir in social networks. “Many people thought I was hacked, some threatened to report this to my mom, while some were genuinely curious, do I answer someone on my proposal, and if so, what would it be for people,” she said.

Within 15 minutes, Kane got five messages from potential buyers. According to her, they were all polite and courteous, explaining what fetishes are. However, they asked not only socks, but her stockings, shoes and underwear.

After a few hours of conversation, the woman asked the question, was it worth it to conduct a similar experiment. She was tired of answering dozens of messages, but in the end agreed to the proposal of a certain John, who was ready to pay her £ 10 for two pairs of used socks. She received the payment and sent the “goods” in the district of Bromley.

According to Kane, while she will not repeat her experiment, as she needs time to “recovery”.

Previously, the model and blogger Belle Delphine (Delphine Belle) announced the sale of the water in which she bathed. The price of this lot was $ 30 (about two thousand) for the Bank.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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