The man stopped drinking the gallons of cider and lost 63 pounds


www.vsyako.netDarren Scanlon Photo: Darren Scanlon page in Facebook

The Irishman has lost 63 pounds, when he abandoned the cider, which he drank liters for 20 years. It is reported portal StoryTrender.

Darren Scanlon (Darren Scanlon) from Celbridge, County Kildare, started drinking at 18, when his first child was born. Over time, he began to drink eight cans of cider a day.

On the weekends he would go to parties where he drank up to 10 litres of alcohol.

He had liver pains, back problems and hips. He recalls that by the age of 40 weighed almost 140 pounds, and the whole weekend was spending on booze.

That all changed in January of 2017, when Scanlon decided to abandon the harmful habits and completely stopped drinking.

After that, the man’s weight began to diminish, and he lost 63 pounds. So the Irishman fell in love with fitness, I decided to undergo training to become an instructor.

40-year-old Scanlon said that now feels like a totally different person. He has for two years not drinking alcohol, not eating crisps and sweets, but in 2018 became a vegetarian.

In April it was reported about a woman from England, who quit drinking and lost 89 pounds. She also expressed the desire to become a fitness trainer.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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