The Minister argued with Zelensky on lustration cherry


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The head of the Ministry of health of Ukraine Ulyana Suprun said President Vladimir Zelensky, who in a statement on the extension of lustration laws to all the old leaders have hinted at her incompetence, remembering the post about the properties of cherries. A comment she posted on the page in Facebook.

The Minister joked that, thanks to the Ministry of health “the whole nation” heard about the deadly dangers of cherry pits. “There are still a lot of advantages and from the consumption of cherries. As the transformation of the health system,” continued Suprun.

In her post she listed the useful properties of cherries, accompanying each with stories about the success of the Ministry of health reforms. For example, the Minister pointed out that the citizens have personal medical support thanks to the “Family doctor”, the availability of cancer drugs increased by 30-40 percent, and mortality from cardiovascular diseases decreased.

“Although, of course, you need to remember the bones. Because it so happens that something very small can cause huge problems. This is especially true of bad habits or ignorance about their own health and health care across the country”, — concluded his message by Zelensky Suprun. Recording it was accompanied by a picture of a cat-scientist in laboratory with caption: “Dr. cat says that it is impossible to lyustrirovat the cherry stones”.

July 11, Zelensky said about the need to lustrate all the top leadership of Ukraine, which was in power from 2014, including the former President of Petro Poroshenko. In his statement the Ukrainian leader was indignant with that “the Ministers who ruined the health of the nation, talk about the dangers of cherry pits”. It was about the records on the page Suprun on Facebook from 8 June. “Remember — sweet cherry is the medicine”, — stated in it.

Suprun is not the first time sharply criticized Zelensky. Earlier, when he in an interview was asked to describe the members of the government Poroshenko, he jokingly thanked God that the head of the Ministry of health is not a doctor. In addition, the reforms undertaken by the Ministry, cause the open discontent of citizens.

According to the amendments to the law “About clarification of the power” developed by a team Zelensky, under lustration can get all members of the government and the Verkhovna Rada, including the speaker of Parliament, heads of the Prosecutor General, security Service, national security Council and defense, fiscal and customs services, the Antimonopoly Committee, and representatives of senior management of defense enterprises, which held their positions since February 23, 2014 to may 19, 2019.

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