The Russians promised to 28 square meters of housing


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Implementation of the national project “Housing and the urban environment” will allow to increase the level of security of the Russian population housing to 27.6 meters per person. This figure, according to the plan, will be achieved by 2024, said in a research note “Challenges and risks of debt financing of housing construction”, published by the Central Bank.

According to analysts, in five years the level of provision of citizens with housing will increase by 2.5 square meters (in 2018, a man had a 25.1 “square”). Plan of 27.6 meters, which is much lower than in most developed countries, but higher than in most emerging real estate markets, indicate in the CB.

“The supply of housing by number of apartments per capita in Russia is one of the highest in the world. According to “the HOUSE.Of the Russian Federation”, in 2017 the supply of apartments in Russia amounted to 442 apartments for 1 thousand people, or in the same apartment lived an average of 2.3 person”, — stated in the published materials. In 2018 per household (2.5 persons) in the country accounted for 1.1 of the apartment.

Experts of the Central Bank emphasize that the average rates of provision of housing within the country can hide structural problems related to the fact that regions and groups of population with different income secured by residential properties non-uniformly. A discussion of the data of Rosstat, indicating that in 11 regions per capita accounts for less than 21 square meter, in two subjects the figure is less than 15 square meters.

As of August of 2018 in the top five Russian cities with the maximum number of square meters per person included Noginsk, Derbent, Domodedovo, Odintsovo and Pushkino. Antiliderami on the level of housing was Nalchik, Makhachkala, Nazran, Obninsk and Moscow.

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