The woman secretly went to the surgery to remove fat and died


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A resident of the Philippine Islands, Occidental secret from family I went for a liposuction and died. This writes the news portal Coconuts.

3 Jul 43-year-old Nori With (Nory Bobadilla), a mother of five children, came to the clinic of the city of Manila for a procedure to remove excess fat. According to police, in the middle of the operation, the woman stopped breathing. Doctors Roura Claudine (Claudine Roura) and Katrina Bosco (Katrina Bulseco) tried in vain to return the patient to life.

The young boys Bern were transferred to the hospital of the city of ParaƱaque and placed in the intensive care unit. There she is in a coma and on 6 July he died. The doctors contacted the relatives of the patient and reported the incident. One of her children said in a conversation with reporters that the mother never told anyone why she goes to Manila.

The clinic, which operated on a Filipina, was closed. The doctors covered all the expenses of hospitalization and burial of Bobadilla and expressed condolences to the family. Family sued the physicians in a lawsuit. The case is under investigation.

In January it was reported that in China, the mother of two went into surgery for breast augmentation secret from family and died on the operating table. The Chinese woman suddenly became ill during the procedure intake of fat from the legs. Pulse is located in the state of anesthesia women began to fall sharply, and she stopped breathing. The exact cause of death of the patient is unknown.

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