58-year-old model decided to pose in a swimsuit for the legendary magazine


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Facebook / Jody Harrison-Bauer

American Jody Harrison-Bauer was going to be the most Mature member of the shooting in swimwear for the entire history of the legendary magazine Sports Illustrated, known for beach photo shoots. It is reported by The Sun.

58-year-old Jody, model, trainer and owner of gym Jodifit, will take part in the casting, where her rivals will be significantly more young participants. According to Harrison-Bauer, despite his age and the fact that she is the mother of two adult daughters, she is in great shape and have never been so sure of herself. “I want to inspire their contemporaries, so they decided to try something new,” said the model. She said that he used his chance because the magazine did not set a maximum age for participating in the casting.

Jody Harrison-Bauer twice won titles of the World Fitness America and Fitness Universe World. In preparation for the casting, she spends training (cardio and weightlifting) ten hours per week.

Earlier it was reported that Sports Illustrated for the first time in history invited to shoot a girl in a Muslim swimsuit burqini and the hijab. The photographer posed 21-year-old supermodel Kenyan of Somali descent Halima Aden. The shooting took place on the beach in Kenya, where previously she spent several years in a refugee camp. She was born in Somalia, but his family was forced to flee the country. From Kenya she moved to the United States.

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