In Poland, the missing five year old child from Russia


www.vsyako.netCzarek Sokolowski / AP

Five children from Russia within three days of searching in Poland. Reports radio station “Moscow speaking”.

It is noted that the 32-year-old boy’s father on 10 July took him out of the house in Grodzisk Mazowiecki and left with him in an unknown direction. On the same day the body of a man found on a railway crossing. According to investigators, the child’s father had committed suicide.

Do a search for the missing several hundred law enforcement officers and about 200 soldiers. According to the Ministry of national defence of Poland, an area where it can be the boy, examined the helicopter, with the help of drones and specially trained dogs.

The Polish media wrote that the victim’s father suffered from gambling addiction, in connection with which the man had financial problems. Also, according to unofficial sources, he received a statement to the police with charges of domestic violence. Police did not comment on this information, citing the interests of investigation.

Earlier in January it was reported that in the us the district of Craven, North Carolina, saved missing in the woods three year old boy Casey Hathaway, who played in the back yard of grandma’s house and never returned home from a walk. Casey was looking for with the help of helicopters, drones, dog handlers and divers. Two days after the disappearance the police are heard in the forest the crying of the child and found the boy.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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