Russian woman wanted in the prison, and “mined” the station


www.vsyako.netThe building of the railway station in Lipartito: RIA Novosti / Evgeny Odinokov

A resident of Moscow “mined” railway station in Lipetsk in order to go to jail. On Saturday, July 13, according to the Telegram-channel Baza.

According to the information channel, shortly before the incident, the woman was released from prison for several months she lived in the capital, then moved to Voronezh, and then went to Lipetsk.

It is noted that in the wild 49-year-old woman “uncomfortable”. “She had no family, no friends, and because of the criminal record and age, no one wanted to take her to work. Then she decided to return home”, — said in the recording.

Initially, the woman has directly addressed its request to the law enforcement officers, but they did not take her suggestion seriously. As a result, the Muscovite made a false call to the police and reported about mining of the Lipetsk station, after which she was detained.

In may it was reported that the inhabitant of Bryansk has reported the mining of the airport Sheremetyevo to find a lost wife and not be late for the flight. 62-summer Alexey Kozhin and his wife met in Turkey. After the announcement of the landing, the man lost his wife.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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