The Russians have captured an escaped daughter of the house and forcibly taken her to the groom in Chechnya


www.vsyako.netPhoto: RIA Novosti

Relatives took 20-year-old girl from the women’s crisis center “Kitezh” in Moscow and was forcibly abducted in Chechnya to the groom, whom she was forced to marry. This “Mediazone” said the activist Darya Serenko.

The interlocutor of the edition told that the girl lived with her parents in a Moscow apartment and protested against the forced marriage. Family members took away her passport, was not allowed out of the house, including at school. She turned to the defenders of the “Legal initiative” and wrote that he was afraid for his life. “They’ll find me and in the best case, buried somewhere in the woods, as the greatest shame of humanity, and at worst I will marry”, — she told in the letter.

A few weeks the girl was preparing to escape, and on 5 July he settled in center “Kitezh”. She was gone five days, leaving the documents and money. On 12 July, she managed to contact a friend and tell the flight number, where its lucky to Chechnya. “She said she was drugged and phenibut. She said that she wanted to commit suicide, but her parents do not give”, — the activist noted.

On the evening of 12 July, the volunteers went to the police. Employees of the interior Ministry contacted the parents and they said she’s fine. The next day at the airport “Vnukovo”, the activists found the girl: her dyed hair, she was acting strange and looked “retarded”. Relatives did not allow them to speak, and the family departed. The police refused to intervene, saying that they have no basis for that.

Serenko suggested that the relatives knew about the novel girl with a Russian guy and so was in such a hurry to get her. It is noted that at the moment this guy gets threats.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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