Authorities explained the situation with a plaque to Boris Strugatsky


www.vsyako.netPhoto: RIA Novosti/Vadim Zhernov

To establish writer writer Boris Strugatsky memorial plaque in St.-Petersburg necessary archival documents that the law requires it, said the Chairman of city Committee on culture Konstantin Sukhenko. It quoted the Telegram-channel radio station “Moscow speaking” on Sunday, July 14.

“We are every word that falls on the plaque, confirmed by the archive documents. This is required for all boards. Boris Strugatsky was also a writer and translator. Here we write that he’s a writer. But, in principle, we could write that he is a translator,” he said.

According to him, the law cannot foresee all possible conflicts. He commented on the words of the Deputy of legislative Assembly Boris Vishnevsky on the demand of officials to provide a certificate stating that Boris Strugatsky, the writer.

Boris Strugatsky died in November 2012 at age 79 after a long illness. At the end of the year, the legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg took the initiative to be named after the Strugatsky any new street or town square, and place the house on the street of the Victory plaque.

Boris Strugatsky was born in 1933 in Saint Petersburg (Leningrad). His brother and coauthor of many works by Arkady Strugatsky is also held in the city for most of my life. Science fiction writers have written together for 27 fantastic novels and stories, three plays and a considerable number of stories.

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