Britain revealed “merged” the secret diplomatic correspondence of the person


www.vsyako.netNigel Farage Photo: Roberto Monaldo.Lapress / Global Look Press

Great Britain’s police established the identity of the person who may be related to the leak of diplomatic cables by the former Ambassador to the United States, which contained insults the country’s President Donald trump. About it reports The Sunday Times.

“They assume that you know who made the leak. Now it is time to build a case for court. This was a man who had access to historical files,” — said the source Agency. The unnamed culprit, according to the publication related to a political Party Brexit, which was founded by politician Nigel Farage. In addition, in a scandal allegedly involved the Chairman of the party Brexit Richard theis, have been in a relationship with the journalist, who published materials in the media.

It is noted that the investigation in addition to police are British intelligence MI-6 and the Ministry of foreign Affairs.

7 July it became known that the British Ambassador to the US Kim Darroch believes the American President Donald trump incompetent, vulnerable and capable of a shame to end your life — this was discussed in the confidential process of inter-Ministerial letters which he wrote.

In Darroch called the administration trump “inefficient, unpredictable and helpless in matters of diplomacy”, as well as recommending to colleagues “simple, even stupid” to indicate its position in the negotiations with the head of US and plenty to praise him.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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