Defined term for the provision of housing to flood victims in Irkutsk region


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Residents of the Irkutsk region lost their homes due to flooding, build a new home for the state account until October 2020. On Sunday, July 14, told reporters the Governor of the region Sergey Levchenko, reports TASS.

“Until about October of the next year, he said. — Until that time people will live in points long-term stay is and motels, and dormitories. We have tried to make these places were comfortable.”

Currently the issue with the approval of the new General plan. Victims will choose the most suitable project housing, at least one of three possible options.

The first new homes will be families with children, the elderly and the disabled.

July 15 in the area will be a single Department that will perform all the functions of the customer, to monitor progress, to help people to make agreements with the builders.

“It will be 15 acres are given for each person for individual housing construction, — said the Governor. — Outhouses, bath residents, if necessary, will complete themselves.”

For those who wish to move to the city, will buy housing on the secondary market and in new buildings, which a man will select for himself. However, the premises must meet certain standards.

“Most of the people I talked to want to move either in Irkutsk or Bratsk” — said Levchenko.

Due to heavy floods in the Irkutsk region in the end of June was 10.8 flooded thousands of homes. 25 people were killed. Another 11 were missing. Russian President Vladimir Putin attracted to liquidation of consequences of emergency situations of the army and instructed to allocate means from the Federal budget for repair of damaged and construction of new housing.

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