Semak has told about the conflict within the “Zenith”


www.vsyako.netAnton Zabolotnyi: Mikhail Kireev/ RIA Novosti

Head coach of “Zenith” Sergei Semak said that the club is trying to find a new team for a striker Anton Zabolotny. The words of the specialist are on the website of blue-white-blue.

“He’s already training with the second team. There is a conflict of interests”, — said Semak, noting that the final decision by the City will make its representatives together with “Zenith”. Also, the coach expressed the hope that the conflict will be resolved “as quickly as possible and with the least loss for him and for the club”.

Also Semak said that Zenit is looking for options for the employment of midfielder Matthias Kranebitter. The player was not supposed to take part in the championship of Russia.

In the first round of the tournament of the season 2019/2020 “Zenit” beat “Tambov”. The game was held at the home stadium of the St. Petersburg club and ended with the score 2:1.

Blue-white-blue are the reigning Champions of Russia.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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