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A Twitter user under the nickname kj_cheetham told people about the problem, which he called “meme in mathematics.” Users in the comments were confused by the example and found that he made a mistake in calculations.

“Meme math which is really funny and not stupid. Decide carefully!” — he wrote. The task was to calculate the 230-220×0,5 and write the answer. “You may not believe it, but the answer is 5!” — added the user.

However, in the comments, many began to criticize the man, thinking that he was wrong — the correct answer is 120. Individual users have pointed out to him that first performs multiplication, and then subtraction. Someone began to explain that the answer 5 can be obtained only with the use of parentheses.

However, some users guessed what the answer meant kj_cheetham — he pointed out not 5, and 5!, that is the factorial. The factorial is a function which is defined as the product of all natural numbers from 1 to n, inclusive. In this case, n is 5. Later in the discussion with one of the commentators he painted, is the function in this example: 5!=5x4x3x2x1=120.

“I’ll turn off my notifications to this thread, but please remember that you should think twice before you say that someone does not know something based on one tweet,” concluded kj_cheetham.

Earlier, another Twitter user asked a question on mathematics of primary school. He received one answer, but different solutions. In the comments were surprised that not all are equally suited to solving the same problem.

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