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The Federal tax service (FNS) has suspended operations on the accounts of six companies associated with the business school and the largest private University in Russia, synergy because of debts. This writes The Bell.

The amount of debt to the budget is unknown, but the publication failed to detect writs of at least 27.3 million rubles. Rector of “Synergy” Vadim Lobov meanwhile declares that the debt is actually twice as less.

According to the publication, under lock includes three main entities of the University. This “School of business “synergy”” (forum “Territory of business” and MBA programs), “Business Education” (sponsored by Synergy Global), and “Business Forums”. Basically lock touched the accounts in the savings Bank.

Overall, the University has lost access to at least 21 account. However, under the lock and got the accounts of companies Lobova. If we consider them in total, access was blocked to 43 accounts. As the newspaper notes, lock accounts, reserves related to the “Synergy” companies the opportunity to receive transfers, but the organization to carry out the transaction are unable to repay the debt. For late payment penalty is accrued.

After blocking Lobov and his business partner Gregory Avetov sold the main legal entity is “Synergy”. We are talking about the company, which sells MBA program and arranges seminars of the University. I bought a legal entity, a citizen of Guatemala, Mariano guerrera. However, “Synergy”, declared that know nothing about him, and the school continues to be a part of the group of companies.

FNS began to demand the suspension of a number of accounts of the University at the end of 2018, but the basic blocking occurred only in April-June of 2019. Several accounts were also blocked in March, however, restrictions were removed last week. As the newspaper notes, less than 10 days prior to that, synergy was awarded a contract for the organization of the competition models “Moscow eyes young planners” from the Department of urban planning policy of Moscow. The amount of the contract amounted to 5.5 million rubles, and “synergy” were the only bidder.

In early July, the TV channel “bi-Bi-si” has informed that “synergy” has received more than a billion rubles from the budget for the promotion of entrepreneurship, preparation of business trainers and training of regional officials. It was the largest government contract, the resulting “Synergy” in the history of the University.

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