Alibasov said about the persecution of black realtors


www.vsyako.netBari Alibasova: Ekaterina Chesnokova / RIA Novosti

The producer of the group “on-On” Bari Alibasov said that he faces a man who can in the event of death to leave his family without a home and with the help of black realtors. He told about it on air of transfer “Let speak” on the First channel. The issue will be released at 19:50 Moscow time, but it appeared online early.

Alibasov says he bought the apartment in 1995 through a Vitaly Ivanovich. “By chance I met him in housing management. He offered me to buy an apartment. I wanted to have the whole group was one house, and at the same time, the Studio and class for rehearsals,” said showman.

According to him, he transformed the property into two of the three apartments, they belong equally to him and to his son. However, the third, bought the apartment, according to the producer, belongs to another man named Ovchinnikov, whom he knows and who has repeatedly threatened to deprive him of his apartments.

Producer lawyer Sergei Zhorin said that Alibasov plans to go to the police with allegations of fraud in relation to men. At the end of the program presenter Dmitry Borisov said that they were able to contact Ovchinnikov, and he is ready to meet with Alibasova.

In early July, Bari Alibasov was not on shooting TV program “actually” on the First channel and broke air. Then TV presenter Dmitry Shepelev, invited the showman to the transfer, the producer passed check on the lie detector.

Bari Alibasov 4 Jun accidentally drank a tool for cleaning pipes “Mole”. He was hospitalized with acute poisoning. The producer received strong burns of the esophagus, a few days spent in a coma. He later recovered and started giving interviews. In poisoning have believed not all. According to the skeptics involved in the television producer confidently and clearly said, despite the burns.

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