Apple watch had saved the man from death


www.vsyako.netJorge Cocksfoot: Alexandra Hospital

A resident of the English town of Oldham, in the County of greater Manchester, has found a rapid heart rate due to the Watch Apple Watch and promptly received medical care. It is reported by the tabloid Daily Mail.

In September 2018, 22-year-old student Jorge Cox (Cox Jorge) noticed that in a relaxed condition his pulse was 130 beats per minute. “Apple Watch captures the jump of the pulse, — says the man. — I had them when I was watching TV or Napping. I thought all of the huge amount of coffee I drank to pass the exams”.

In November, Cox was preparing for a tonsillectomy (surgery to remove tonsils) and told the nurse about my rapid pulse. “She asked me if I had heart problems, — says the Briton. — She insisted that I immediately inspected”. The survey revealed that the patient has aortic valve insufficiency.

The doctors said that Cox was in critical condition and at any moment could die. In may of this year, the Briton survived a five-hour operation and is now recovering at home.

“God, I’m so glad I have an Apple watch. Without them I would not have survived,” concluded Cox.

Earlier in July it was reported that in Australia the 34-year-old Daniel de Gabriel survived thanks to the habit of sleeping naked. Before bed he took refuge in several blankets, one of which is short-circuited and it caught fire. Daniel received second-degree burns. Doctors say that the patient could die if I slept in clothes.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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