At the Large hadron Collider found the new particle


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Pierre Albouy / Reuters

LHCb collaboration, which includes the Novosibirsk state University announced the discovery of the new States charming baryon, which is likely to constitute a new particle Λb (1D) (lambda-b baryon (1D)) and Σb (Sigma b-baryon). On opening it became known at the conference on elementary particle physics, EPS-HEP, according to a press release sent to the editors”.ru”.

According to Paul Cerkovnogo, employee collaboration LHCb, the Λb Baryon is a particle composed of two light quarks (u-upper and d-lower) and heavy b-quark adorable. Its excited States predicted by theory but not previously observed. Their mass is equal to 6146 and 6152 MeV.

According to the theoretical model, developed in 1986, before the opening of the first pretty baryon, there must be two particles with very similar masses – Λb (1D), where 1D is the orbital moment equal to two, and Σb. However, to draw firm conclusions it is necessary to measure quantum numbers observed in the experiment of particle — spin, parity, and isotopic spin.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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