Dad saved daughter from death with his life


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In the U.S. state of Florida man caught in a rip current and died saving the daughter. This publication reports The News-Press.

46-year-old Thomas Zakrevsky (Thomas Zakrewski) and his family vacationing on one of the Islands off the coast of Florida. Several people, including children, playing in the surf when the tide started going out. A man and his eight-year-old daughter managed to get out of the water.

The girl’s mother told police that led away relatives and not immediately noticed the absence of her husband and daughter. Turning around, the woman saw that they are fighting over, and rushed to help. Zakrevsky managed to give her the child, and in a moment disappeared under the water.

Three hours later, divers found the man’s body 800 meters from the place where he was last seen.

Rip current occurs at low tide when receding water stops sand bar or other obstruction. As a result, she at a speed of several meters per second flows into the sea through a narrow Strait. This year in Florida due to pneumatic movements 12 people were killed.

In June it was reported that the U.S. state Minnesota man rescued drowning in the river three year old son died. Due to the strong currents that father had to put in the effort to prevent child drowning. The witnesses pulled out of the boy, but his father could not be saved.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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