Disclosed the details of the dismissal of the commander of “alpha” FSB


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The head of Department “A” (“Alfa”) of the special purpose Center of the FSB of Russia Valery Kanakin, was dismissed from his post at the end of the contract, which ended in early may, said the President of the organization “Officers of the “alpha”” Alexey Filatov. It is reported owned by Grigory Berezkin the RBC.

According to Filatov, March 30 Kanakin, was elected President of the Association of veterans “Alphas” and then there appeared the information that the contract would not be renewed.

At the same time, Kanakin remains in the lists of his military unit, where it will be until you have spent vacation and not pass medical rehabilitation. His duties shall be performed by another person, whose name is Filatov not called. However, he suggested that the new unit commander will be an outsider, and the very “alpha” can expect clean and the termination of cooperation with those who is not credible.

The resignation of a senior officer of the special forces became known on the background of the arrest of several employees of “alpha” and “Vympel”, two elite units of the FSB, in the case of robbery in especially large size. Despite this, and Filatov, and honorary President of the Association of veterans of “alpha” Sergey Goncharov refused to associate the dismissal Kanakana with this case.

Valery Kanakin headed “alpha” in 2014, in a division he came in 1984. Has the title of Hero of Russia, participated in operations to free hostages of the terrorist attacks on Dubrovka in Moscow and the school in Beslan. On 5 may he was 59 years old.

Over the past few months, Russia has been arrested several high-ranking FSB officers, including elite special forces. In addition to the employees of “alpha” and “Vympel”, in April was arrested two officers for the protection of the constitutional order, and three colonels, one of whom was Cyril Cherkalin — at the time of his capture he held the position of head of Department in management “To” service of economic safety of FSB. Amid several high-profile cases involving employees from different departments, the General-the major of FSB in resignation Alexander Mikhailov said that the veterans of the state security structures do not understand, “why did you choose the number of criminals in the system.”

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