ENEA will perform the band Mgzavrebi, “Pelagia” and “Moral code”


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Alexey kudenko / RIA Novosti

From 26 to 28 July in Moscow, in the Green theatre at VDNKH will host a series of musical concerts under the open sky. About it reported in a press release received by the editors”.ru”.

On 26 July, the venue will serve Georgian band Mgzavrebi. “Again to play in the famous Green theatre is very exciting for us”, — said the soloist of the band Gigi Dedalamazishvili. “Five years ago we were one of the first who spoke at the opening of its completely renovated stage,” — said the musician.

On 27 July, the stage is a singer and one of the mentor show “the Voice” on channel Pelagia, which has become popular due to the performance of authentic Russian folk songs, adapted to modern musical trends. To conclude the string of gigs the performance of the Moscow group “Moral code” on July 28.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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