Fans of James bond reacted to the news about the black woman-agent 007


www.vsyako.netLasuna Of Linkphoto: Gilbert Bellamy / Reuters

Fans of the franchise about the agent James bond reacted to the news that a 25-part spy Saga the role of the 007 will perform dark-skinned actress Lashana Lynch. Fans of the movie spoke about it in social networks.

So, a user with the nickname Sedds wrote on Twitter: “I Hope my dad won’t see it. He will be very upset.” “Could these strong, beautiful and independent women to create their own icons and stop trying to remake itself under the original male characters?” — spoken by the user Will Matthews.

Some fans of bond films invited women to take an entirely new picture rather than change the existing ones. For example, Jayden wrote: “Just make another movie with a woman. Stop destroying the classics!” “The problem in the title. If the leading role was given to the woman, then it’s no longer a “James bond”,” concluded graham robinson.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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