Found abnormally large jellyfish the size of a man


www.vsyako.netPhoto: @dalylizzie

In the coastal waters of the English County of Cornwall divers discovered the abnormally large barrel jellyfish. It is reported by the tabloid the Mirror.

Biologist Lizzie Daly (Daly Lizzie) was scuba diving in the charity campaign Wild Ocean Week (Week of Wild Ocean). Then she noticed the jellyfish that was the size of her body. “Barrel jellyfish are huge, so always interest,” notes the researcher of the marine fauna Rupert Kirkwood (Kirkwood Rupert).

Expected to found under the water a giant creature washed ashore in the summer or fall.

Barrel jellyfish can reach 90 centimeters in diameter and weigh up to 35 pounds. This type of jellyfish is not dangerous to humans.

In may it was reported that Hale seaside beach 73-year-old Ken Townend was walking the dog and noticed in the sand a dead jellyfish. According to him, he had never seen such a large specimen.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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