FSB detained the thieves claim to the throne of Russia of Shishkina


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FSB officers detained a 54-year-old kingpin Oleg Shishkanov known as Shishkin or Oleg Ramenskaya. About it reports “Prime Crime”.

According to the newspaper, this happened on the night of 15 July in the house of authority in the village Popovka Ramensky district of Moscow region.

Shishkina suspect in the contract killing of a Deputy of the Legislative Assembly of Ramensky district of Tatiana Sidorova and three members of her family.

The thief in the law there was a conflict with Sidorova after years of cooperation, therefore, according to the investigators, he decided to deal with the woman. The crime was committed on the night of February 21, 2012.

A native of Ramenskoye Oleg Shishkanov is one of the most famous and influential of the Slavic thieves in law. It is called the leader of the underworld, after the previous thief No. 1 of Zakhary Kalashov (Shakro Young) was imprisoned for extortion for 10 years.

Shishkanov did once 10 years for murder in 1980-ies. Was crowned in 1992. Last time the police detained him 23 years ago.

Tatiana Sidorova in the late 1990-ies was the head of one of the branches of state farm “Ramenskoe”, reported by “Rosbalt”. Then she met Mr. Chichkanov, which has helped her become Director of the farm, and then its owner. Under her leadership, the agricultural enterprise was transformed into “Plemzavod Ramenskoye”. More than 200 former employees of the farm and lands of shareholders tried to sue Sidorova, but to no avail.

“All these assets really are under the control of Siscanu, he is the unofficial co-owner. His men were taken for the implementation of most grown in greenhouses of flowers, they own part of the lands of the stud farm. Siskan had to do most of the transactions for the sale of real estate of the stud farm,” said a source.

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