Italian castle confiscated for corruption


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Employees of financial guards of Italy in the framework of operations against corruption seized the Aragonese castle on Ischia island. On Monday, July 15, the newspaper Il Mattino.

According to the publication, law enforcement officers confiscated the property of three local entrepreneurs, as well as 77-year-old Alessandro Gelormini. All four placed under house arrest.

Gelormini gained fame as a tax consultant well-known Italian politician Paolo Pomicino chirino, 80 were included with the Cabinet and became involved in a corruption scandal.

The total value of the confiscated property, according to Il Mattino, exceeds 40 million euros. In the list of seized along with the Aragonese castle includes a Villa on Capri and several properties in Rome and Naples.

The Aragonese castle is the main tourist resort of the island of Ischia. The first mention of the fortress dates from the year 474 BC, the heyday of the castle called the sixteenth century.

In 2012 in Italy for tax evasion family of the owners was arrested a Renaissance castle Villa Trissino, built in the fifteenth century near the city of Vicenza.

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