New agent 007 became dark-skinned actress


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In the 25th James bond film, 007 will play a black actress Lashana Lynch. Reported by the Daily Mail, citing an anonymous source.

“This is a modern “bond” that will appeal to the young audience, but it will be all that is taken to expect from bond movies,” — said the source publication. “The picture will be spectacular scenes of chases and fights, bond is still bond, but he must learn to live in peace #MeToo”, he concluded.

According to the plot of the new part of the spy Saga, James bond temporarily interrupts the service and is sent to rest in Jamaica, at this time, MI6 assigns 007 to a new operative, a woman. However, the former and the new 007 destined to meet in the film, moreover, the bond would raise new spy.

It is noted that the decision to change the iconic 007 agent could be taken under the influence of the co-author of the picture of Phoebe Waller-bridge, known for their feminist views. Since 2006 the main role in a spy movie played actor Daniel Craig.

Earlier in April, Craig stated that no objection if the new film will play special agent woman. However, the artist had many opponents, among whom were British journalist piers Morgan, sharply criticized the statement of the actor. According to Pierce, change the image of the main hero will destroy the franchise. He explained that bond is a “monument to manhood”, so “secret fantasies” about him, women are unlikely to want to see in this role actress.

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