Poklonskaya denied “rupture” with the sect of carbonico


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Vladimir Fedorenko / RIA Novosti

The Deputy of the state Duma Natalia Poklonskaya denied reports in the media that it was connected with the sect of carbonico and now severed ties with her. She wrote about this on his page in “Vkontakte”.

“Under the gripping headline “Poklonskaya confirmed the break with the sect of the Ekaterinburg carbonico” (…) media publish “sensational” news with me in the lead role, wrote Poklonskaya. — I do not know whose orders you fulfill, but if you today come to your senses and will give a refutation of this news, shameless way, citing an interview with me, which was not, tomorrow I will prepare the claim in court!”

She also noted that in its environment there is no “reliable sources” referred to by the media. “And the one who seems so irrelevant to me does not matter!” — added Poklonskaya.

July 14 edition URA.RU in his Telegram channel reported that Russia has ceased to maintain contact with the sect of carbonico in Ekaterinburg and her Confessor, ideologist of the movement of Sergius. The source told the Agency that the Deputy allegedly contacted the sect during a previous relationship with the Prosecutor from Ekaterinburg Andrey Krasilnikova. Later edition Colossal released a note with the words Poklonskaya, in which she allegedly confirmed that she “was able to throw off the veil from this spiritual trap.” Later, the note was amended and the words that were attributed Polonskaya, now you are citing her husband Ivan Solovyov.

Sect of carbonico professes the doctrine of the king-Redeemer is based on the belief in the special role of the Holy martyred Tsar Nicholas II and the necessity of national repentance for his death. The supporters of the movement believe that the Emperor became the Redeemer of the sin of infidelity of his people.

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