Russians are taught to calculate telephone scams


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“Roskoshestvo” told about the main signs by which you can identify phone fraud trying to steal the money from the Bank card of the victim. Detailed instructions published on the website of the organization.

The authors identified 11 items that describe the typical behavior of cyber criminals when you call the Bank customer. The main feature permitting their unscrupulous intentions, please call the CVV code on the back of the card and the code word or code from the SMS message. In this case, you must interrupt the conversation and report it to the Bank, said in a statement.

Another sign that allows the identification of fraud, please transfer money to the specified details. The authors warn that tells the legend can sound very convincing, and encourage you not to believe her anyway. They also warn against the provision by telephone of any personal information.

One of the most common recent methods of fraud — a warning call about the unauthorized debits from the card. If the person who introduced himself as a Bank employee, says that unknown persons are trying to carry out the operation without your knowledge, it is necessary to interrupt the conversation and to contact the call center of the credit institution. Moreover, one should not believe even if an attacker calls the exact amount of the account balance and any recent transactions on it, such findings are available on the black market, the authors note.

They also recommend not to trust said, if the caller is an employee of the Bank, but refuses to give his name and phone number. In addition, fraud is likely to be the message about winning the lottery or a request to transfer money to a loved person in a difficult situation. In these cases stands alone to call relatives or friends, in question, and to ask clarifying questions, suggest the authors.

According to the “Rockafella” in 2018, it was 42.7 per thousand attempts of telephone fraud identified by law enforcement.

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