Semin pointed to the serious problem of Russian football


www.vsyako.netYuri Seminato: Pavel Lisitsyn / RIA Novosti

The head coach of the Moscow “Locomotive” Yuri Semin said that the Russian football is experiencing the dominance of non-professional managers. The words of the specialist leads the “Sport-Express”.

According to Semin, the football club can not function normally, if the question of formation of the composition is solved by the managers in conjunction with the coach. “He’s the only one who knows — you need a football team or not, how and where it will be possible to use” — considered the head coach “the Locomotive”.

The dominance of managers, “who think that they understand the selection process more coaches”, Semin called a serious problem of Russian football. Answering the question, decide whether they have some personal interests, the expert said, “Think for yourself”.

Semin is working with “the Locomotive” in 2016. In season 2017/2018 railway for the first time in 14 years, won gold of the Russian Premier League (RPL). In total, four specialist headed the capital club. Semin three led Lokomotiv to gold of the championship of Russia, and five times won the team national Cup.

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