The dogs ate without residue


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A DNA test confirmed that the body of a resident of the U.S. state of Texas ate his dog. This publication reports the Washington Post.

57-year-old Freddie Mack (Freddie Mack) lived in a secluded house near the village of Venus. He avoided people and preferred the company of 18 dogs, which were kept on the site. Every two weeks, he was visited by relatives and taken to the store shopping. They first noticed the disappearance of the men.

In early may, they complained to the police that can’t find Mack. They haven’t been able to contact him, to get to the polls did not give aggressive dogs. Sheriff’s deputies were able to distract the animal and to get into the house, but the owner wasn’t there. A site inspection using a drone also gave no result.

On may 15 at the station found a small bone fragment. Several fragments of bone, hair and scraps of fabric found in dog excrement. Genetic analysis showed that they belonged to the MEK. Apparently, the dogs ate his remains, together with bones and clothing.

“At first we reacted with some distrust, because there is nothing left,” said Washington Post Sheriff of Johnson County Adam king (Adam King). The investigators failed to recall other cases where Pets have eaten the bodies of the hosts completely.

13 dogs Mack put to sleep for aggression. By the time they managed to kill two other dogs. Three dogs dead men are still alive and remain at the shelter.

In 2017, it was reported that in London Staffordshire Terrier killed his master in the eyes of the film crew of TV channel Bi-bi-si, worked on a documentary about addiction and antisocial behavior. The same dog saved him from destruction during the attack of epilepsy.

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