The fat model in the world filmed myself Topless and excited fans


www.vsyako.netTess Holidayphotos: @tessholliday

The fat in the world midsection Tess Holliday has published a photo in which she is depicted Topless. The picture appeared on her Instargram account.

It girl photographs herself in the mirror on the camera, covering her bare chest with his palm. Her hands are covered in big tattoos.

Subscribers Holliday was horrified by the condition of her body. “I don’t see anything good. I myself am a fat man. This lady needs help. I know what obesity had a risk of diabetes, aching back, had high blood pressure. I had sleep apnea and breathing problems. And I weighed 249 pounds in March. I hope someone wakes up soon. Bodypositive? No, death,” warned one of them. “You can be fat and beautiful, but will never thick and healthy. It would be unfair if your child is going to grow up in a family of defective or stepmother only because you are unable to pass on the cake and died from sleep apnea or diabetes” — resented the other.

However, some enthusiastically responded to the new post. “Never cease to be inspired and to rejoice at the sight of the body, looking like my own. Thank you,” thanked one of them. “I am delighted with the number of bodypositive that you spread! Society expects that we will be slim and like mannequins, and you demolish their standards,” exulted the second.

The publication model has gained about 100 thousand likes.

Earlier in July, Tess Holliday congratulated the LGBT community with their day of photography in underwear. In the picture Holliday posing on the bed in the top of the rainbow colors and pink shorts in a room with neon lighting. In the description to the post, the woman admitted that has always been on the side of gays and that is still trying to define their own orientation.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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