The Russians gave advice in case of theft for the wedding


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The girl family was forcibly abducted in Chechnya for marriage, you need to resolve the issue with the parents. This was stated by Chairwoman of the Union of Muslim women of Russia and Tatarstan, an expert of the state Duma Committee on family, women and children Nailya Ziganshina, reports URA.RU.

“First and foremost, she should talk to parents to explain the situation. Only they now need to rely,” said Ziganshina. However, she added that to influence the situation is almost impossible, because “parents have every right on the baby.” Ziganshina noted that the cases of export of girls to another city for marriage are not associated with religion, and national traditions that may not be aligned with the traditions of Islam.

In Islam, according to the canons of Sharia law, the bride cannot be forced to marry, said Ziganshina. If the girl did not agree to the marriage during the marriage ceremony, it is considered invalid, said the Agency interlocutor. In addition, the bride may turn to a Muslim judge who decides family matters. “But it is in undesirable cases,” — said Ziganshina.

July 13, the activist Darya Serenko told about a girl who lived with her parents in Moscow and protested against the forced marriage. After Adam ran away from home women’s crisis centre, relatives found her and forcibly taken to the Caucasus, said Serenko.

Activists saw the girl one last time at the airport. Her dyed hair, she was acting strange and looked “retarded”. Serenko suggested that the relatives knew about the novel girl with a Russian guy, so hurry to take her. It is known that currently her young man receives threats.

Chechen authorities promised to check the information about the girl’s abduction. Assistant head of Chechnya, media relations Ahmed Dudaev added that the practice of giving girls in marriage without their consent was contrary to the customs and traditions of the Chechens.

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