The Russians year waited from the authorities of the new bridge and built it ourselves in three weeks


www.vsyako.netPhoto: home of Anastasia Usher in Facebook

Residents of the Urals village Filkin build a pedestrian bridge across the river, the Kakwa, the construction of which they waited a year from the local authorities. This was reported by the newspaper “the globe”.

For the construction of the bridge, the residents went three weeks and 10 thousand rubles, the newspaper writes. A local resident Anastasia Bailiff told that the materials for the crossing — brackets, planks, logs, gathering “all the world”. The woman noted that according to the new crossing feet wide easy to move stroller.

“Now it is much easier. It is clear that it’s temporary, but at least for some time enough of this crossing,” added Bailiff.

On a pole remaining from the collapsed bridge, the residents installed a sign “We love Paper”.

The bridge over the Kakwa were destroyed in 2017, after which the only means of communication with other settlements left the road through the village Medyankina. In summer, the hotel invited the residents to use the boat, but the Prosecutor’s office, this method is considered dangerous. The court ordered the municipality to restore the bridge, but the authorities appealed the decision.

The investigative Committee opened a criminal case under article “Negligence” against the officials who not long built a bridge across the Kakwa. According to investigators, the mayor’s office knew about the situation, but took no measures to ensure people crossing. The UK believes that the authorities violated the rights of residents to use educational, health, transport, trade and personal services.

Earlier, the villagers received Paper receipts for non-existent garbage. A local MP claimed that the village is not accessible by car to get to it was via the bridge, so the waste of Paper is not exported.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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