The urn with the ashes of the Russian veteran pulled out of the river


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In Talmensky district of the Altai territory resting on the river Chumysh found in water, the urn containing the ashes of veteran of the great Patriotic war. On 14 July announced the publication of “Tal life.”

The ballot box on July 13 found a resident of the village of tal’menka Maxim Yarovoy, who rested that day on the beach. During the next man felt the hands of a certain object and pulled it out of the water. “Already on the shore, it became clear that this discovery,” said the man.

To a plastic urn blue color was attached to the plate, whereby the dust belongs to Evgeny Fedorovich Doilnitsyna. He was born January 23, 1918, died 10 November 2018. The tank lid was broken and spilled into the water, but the ashes remained intact, said Spring.

One of the eyewitnesses said that they began to call in a different service but had the feeling that there “just shrug”. However, as a result of the duty unit arrived and took the ballot box.

In a press-service GU of the interior Ministry for the Altai territory “the Russian newspaper” confirmed the discovery of the urn. They added that the veteran lived in Saranskom area, and suggested that there the urn was carried in the Talmensky district. Police are searching for relatives.

According to open sources, Evgeni Doilnitsyn was called in Red Army in 1940. From 23 June 1941, he participated in the fighting, including the battles for the liberation of Kiev, and was a participant in the battle of Kursk. Has been serving from private to assistant platoon leader. In the spring of 1945 was assigned to the far East. From 1948 to 1952, in absentia studied in all-Union Polytechnic Institute, and from 1952 worked in system of Academy of Sciences of the USSR. He worked at the Institute of Geology and Geophysics, USSR Academy of Sciences, where he progressed from Junior researcher to leading, and also head of the laboratory of mass spectrometry.

In may of this year WWII veteran Vasily Romanov from Saratov region missed the celebration of Victory Day, because he could not get out of the house. Men have no right leg, and granted to him the prosthesis was uncomfortable and heavy, and he can’t lift his leg. The head of the region Valery Radaev instructed his subordinates to provide Romanova new comfortable foot.

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