A network of vending machines healthy food denied any involvement in the poisoning of Muscovites


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Alexander Scherbak / TASS

The fast food chain healthy food Healthy Food denied their connection with the mass poisoning of residents. This was stated by the representative Valentina Black, the radio station “Moscow Says”.

Black said that at the moment there is no evidence linking the production network and the deterioration of people’s health. The company started the test production and raw materials, it will be attended by independent experts.

“For us, the current situation was a surprise. We have decided to temporarily suspend operations as soon as received the first information,” said Black.

The representative noted that on 16 July the company received the conclusion of the Rospotrebnadzor about the mismatch of the products of the supplier standards. The provider also checks.

Earlier on June 16 vending machines Healthy Food network has suspended work due to the mass poisoning with Salmonella. After the use of branded products for medical assistance to 28 people, 17 of them were hospitalized with suspicion on a salmonellosis.

As explained in Rospotrebnadzor, suspended the work of 15 vending machines in the Central, Western, Northern and South-Western administrative districts. Also sealed cafe Healthy Food, OOO “Pot boil” in the shopping center “AFIMALL city”.

According to authorities, on Deposit at the place of production of Healthy Food the violations, including the detected expired products. The Agency seized about 3 tons of raw materials and finished products. The investigation began on July 15 and was conducted including 16 July.

At the disposal of radio station “Moscow speaking” was a letter to partners of Healthy Food. From this it follows that the company has any “serious doubts” in some permanent suppliers. In this regard, it was decided to temporarily abandon the loading station.

“Production at risk a bit, but we decided to limit the load to get the results of the examination of incoming raw materials, incoming suppliers to in any case not to let you and your employees. Because of the potentially unscrupulous suppliers seriously affected the quality, so we now minimize this risk,” the letter reads. It is noted that the examination will take several days.

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