Askorbinata somalica of Congress called for impeachment of trump


www.vsyako.netIlham Amafoto: Jack Kurtz / Global Look Press

American kongressvuman is a native of Somalia, Ilhan Omar said the President of the United States Donald trump is violating human rights, and therefore the Parliament should initiate the procedure of impeachment. The corresponding statement posted on Twitter of the magazine Mother Jones.

“The President violates the fundamental human rights,” said Omar. She added that the current presidential administration is “the most corrupt” in history. In addition, kongressvuman accused trump of the justification of “white neo-Nazis”. It was supported by other women of Congress, in particular, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Rashid Tlaib.

On 15 July it was reported that the American leader wrote a post on Twitter in which he said that “”progressive” women Democrats of Congress, who originally came from countries whose governments are complete and total disaster (…) is now loudly and angrily telling the people of the United States, the most great and powerful nation, what should be our government.” In addition, he asked them to go back and help their countries. Then at a press conference, according to CNN, trump stressed that Omar allegedly praised al-Qaeda (banned in Russia).

Ilhan Omar left Somalia as a child. Four years she spent in a Kenyan refugee camp, then moved to the United States. In November 2016, it won the elections in one of districts of Minnesota, with 80 percent of the vote, and became the first American lawmaker of Somali origin.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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