Crack the code to the Nazi mathematician got the money


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Portrait of British mathematician and cryptographer Alan Turing, the Creator of the device, which managed to crack the German Enigma cipher during the Second world war, will be represented on the new banknote 50 pounds. This is stated in the message the Bank of England.

The decision on the placement of a portrait of Turing was made based on the results of the competition, launched in November last year. The organizers received about 227 thousand proposals, while not all of them meet the main criterion — the winner must present the world of science.

In the short-list consisted of 12 people, including the mathematician Ada Lovelace, the inventor of the first computer Charles Babbage and astrophysicist Stephen Hawking. According to the organizers, the composition of the short-list testifies to the enormous contribution of Britain to world science.

The new bill, which will be introduced in 2021 and will be the last bill with the use of polymeric materials, Turing is portrayed with its main inventions: the world’s first computer with a stored program (ACE) and drawings of the “British bomb” machine to crack the German Enigma encoder, which the allies were able to intercept enemy messages during the Second world war.

The Bank of England notes that Turing made an invaluable contribution to the victory over Nazi Germany. In addition, his work had a “huge impact on how we live today.”

Turing could not claim for the Nobel prize, because it is missing a section for mathematicians, but it is named after the home in today’s world award in the field of Informatics. During his life, Turing was convicted of “indecency” for his sexual orientation, but in 2009 he was posthumously pardoned by the Queen after the decriminalization of the relevant criminal code article.

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