Foreigners were beaten up while walking on the “safe Russia”


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Alexey Danichev / RIA Novosti

Foreigners were beaten and robbed in St. Petersburg when their friend, a local resident, showed them that in Russia safely. About it writes “”.

Petersburger, a student currently in University in Germany, brought friends, two Mexicans and a German, in his hometown to show the local beauty and refute stereotypes about the dangers of living in Russia. On the night of 14 July, they looked at the bridges on the Neva river, and then about two hours went to the metro station “Admiralteyskaya”. There they were surrounded by four men who tried to Rob. Foreigners began to resist, causing them beat.

According to the student, at the bus stop stood a lot of people, but no one dared to help them. The company called the police and went to the emergency room at Voznesensky prospect. A resident of Germany got a head injury and bruises on the face and from St. Petersburg — bruises on the face, chest and legs. In GU Ministry of internal Affairs said that in that night of such calls they have not been.

Earlier on July 15 in St. Petersburg, condemned a married couple of teachers for the manufacture and sale of amphetamine. Hereditary vet and chemistry teacher Dmitry Karavaichik was sentenced to 17 years in strict regime colony, and his wife, and a teacher of physics to 16 years in a General regime colony. Spouse Karavaichik said that the case was fabricated, and the drugs they planted.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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