George Martin spoke about the temptation to change the ending of “a Song of ice and fire”


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American writer George Martin told about the temptation to change plot twists in his books, if they know in advance readers. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, he explained why not going to follow this request.

Martin said that the negative reaction to the ending of the TV series “Game of thrones”, based on his unfinished cycle, will not affect his work.

“The Internet affects all this as never before. Take, for example, parents of John snow. The books have been hints, but knew about it only one reader out of hundreds. And before the Internet it would be fine for 99 readers the true parents of Jon snow would become the opening, they would say: “Wow, great plot twist!” Now guess one can tell about it on the Internet, and all will understand everything,” complained Martin.

The writer noted that in such situations there is a desire to change the subject. “But it’s wrong. Were you planning on one ending and if you change it due to the fact that someone about her guessed, or because someone doesn’t like it, it’ll ruin the whole structure of the work”, — he stressed.

In may, fans demanded to reshoot the final season of “Game of thrones”, which they deemed unsuccessful. The story of the eighth season based on the draft of the last book of the series Martin, “Winds of winter” release date is still unknown.

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