Identified cities with the most expensive and the cheapest mortgage


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The world’s worst city to buy housing loans — Venezuelan Caracas, and the best American Detroit, to the materials posted on Numbeo.

According to analysts ‘ estimates, the residents of Caracas to pay the mortgage every month out of more than 3700 per cent of average family income. Slightly better situation in Argentina Buenos Aires, where the rate is equal to 948 percent in the Iranian Tehran (almost 620 percent). The top 10 cities with the least affordable housing loans also fell Colombo (Sri Lanka, 503 percent), Mumbai (India, 474,5 percent), China Beijing, Shenzhen and Shanghai (367, 362 and 336.6 percent, respectively), Kathmandu (Nepal, 352 per cent) and Phnom Penh (Cambodia 350 percent).

Rating best to service mortgage cities topped the Detroit (USA), where she “eats” only 11.4 percent of the average family income. Places in the top ten also went to the U.S. Huntsville (Alabama), Tulsa (OK), Dallas (TX), little Rock (Arkansas), Buffalo (new York), Fort Wertu (TX), Houston (TX), Kansas city (mo) and Jacksonville (FL). In these families spend on mortgages from 12.3 to 15.6 percent of earnings.

In Moscow the figure for the first half of 2019 amounted to nearly 223 percent, according to Numbeo. In St. Petersburg it is equal to 175 percent. Best Russian city value — from Chelyabinsk, where a mortgage takes 101% of average family income.

Earlier in July, has been named the conditions for lowering interest rates on mortgage loans in Russia. According to the head of the Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina, the mortgage will be cheaper if inflation drops to four percent and will be maintained at this level, and if the country preserved macroeconomic stability.

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