Independent candidates wanted to get to the Moscow city Duma elections in circumvention of the law


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Several independent candidates in deputies of the Moscow city Duma at the meeting with the leadership of the Central election Commission (CEC) of Russia has urged them to prevent the elections in the capital Parliament in circumvention of the procedures stipulated by the current legislation. The speech about it went at a meeting of Deputy Chairman of the CEC of Nikolay bulaeva with a group of candidates headed by Sergei Mitrokhin, nominated by the “Yabloko” party, reports Business FM.

Mitrokhin said at the meeting that the electoral Commission shall register all independent self-nominated candidates, provided the required number of signatures (about 4,5-5 thousand depending on the County in which the nominated candidate — approx. “Of the”), because the procedure of signature verification, in his opinion, is not working properly.

Bulaev, in turn, asked Mitrokhin, whether in Federal or regional legislation the norm, according to which one would satisfy his sentence. He couldn’t think of what to answer on the merits, and stated that based on the provisions of the Constitution. The Deputy head of the Central election Commission then suggested that if we accept and register all comers, this can result in a “next step — I want everyone who registered, were elected”. That’s where the discussion ended.

After the meeting, the Mitrokhin told RIA Novosti that the independent candidates were dissatisfied with the outcome of the negotiations.

Registration of candidates for elections to the Moscow city Duma ends on July 16. On this day the County election Commission will take a final decision on the admission of candidates. There will be sent to the representatives of the CEC, said Bulaev meeting with Mitrokhin and other candidates.

The question concerning procedures for verification of signatures provided by candidates to the election commissions, was raised after the refusal to register opposition candidates, in particular Ilya Yashin, Lyubov Sobol, Ivan Zhdanov, Dmitry and Gennady Gudkov. In this regard, on 14 July, Moscow hosted the inconsistent action. The CEC in turn, said that calling for people to go out with independent candidates say about the weakness of the latter, and the Kremlin announced that it would exclude a waiver of the collection of signatures for the registration of all candidates.

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